Financial insecurity has greatly impacted the well-being of employees and has posed a challenge even for top companies to handle a workforce that is stressed and concerned. The problem surfaced prominently during the COVID-19 pandemic when businesses were managing to stay afloat while employees were heavily reliant on paychecks.

Financial Matters to Address

In an interview with Startup Boston, Mo Saeed, the CEO of OrbisPay, spoke about the pressing issue of lack of financial inclusivity in society. He pointed out that only the affluent have access to financial services, and there is a significant portion of the everyday American population that is underserved.

Saeed highlighted the fact that many Americans don't even have $400 in savings in their bank accounts, making it difficult to handle unforeseen emergencies such as a broken-down car or pending down payments. He stated that OrbisPay's mission is to democratize financial services and provide access to everyone.

“One of the pressing problems with society today is that only the affluent have access to financial services. There is a vastly underserved market in the everyday American population. The everyday American doesn't even have $400 worth of savings in their bank account.” - Mo Saeed, CEO of OrbisPay.

Finance Management Shouldn’t Be a Problem Anymore

To cater to these unexpected financial shocks, employees often fall prey to payday loans which typically amount to 600% interest rates on that loan, leaving them with less than half of their pay before addressing monthly expenses.

In such stressful circumstances, workers are likely to make poor life and work decisions. All of this takes a toll on employee mental health and causes the employer to compromise, ignorant of the underlying burdens.

Instant access to their earned wages, whenever they need it, is a great solution to help workers escape from the vicious cycle of predatory lending.

OrbisPay at Work

“It’s time we started looking at wages differently, which is why our on-demand pay platform empowers and protects the most vulnerable. We’re on a mission here, and our team members continue to strive to offer the best-in-class products and services.” - Mo Saeed, CEO of OrbisPay

We, at OrbisPay, believe that a financial crunch shouldn’t get in the way of a hardworking employee. Being paid, whenever one needs, should be the “new normal”.

With zero cost, you can be a part of building and leveraging a financially resilient workforce. OrbisPay is entirely free to sign up for, and there’s no effect on your cash flow as we front the money. Now your employees can enjoy a stress-free work experience and withdraw their day’s salary whenever they want.

A financially inclusive society goes a long way! Let’s work towards achieving financial wellness together.